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Spinning and Dying Tutorials and Information

The History of Hand Spindles - Spinning Information

Drafting Wool for Spinning - Video Tutorial

Spinning on a Drop Spindle - Video Tutorial

Finishing Handspun Yarn and Winding a Skein - Video Tutorial

Plying Two Single Yarns on a Drop Spindle - Video Tutorial

Drop Spinning Yarn with a Wrist Distaff - Timelapse Video

Carding, Spinning, and Plying Cotton on a Tahkli Spindle - Timelapse Video

Winding a Center Pull Ball of Yarn by Hand - Video Tutorial

Plying Yarn on a Drop Spindle - Andean Plying - Video Tutorial

Hand Spun and Dyed Yarn

TV Static Navajo Plyed Wool Yarn - Hand Spun

Moss and Lichen Mohair Yarn - Hand Spun and Hand Dyed

Orange and Gold Superwash Wool Yarn - Hand Spun and Hand Dyed

Teal Merino Yarn - Hand Spun

Pink Sweetie Patchwork Yarn - Hand Spun

Funky Jester Patchwork Yarn - Hand Spun

Cherries and Lemonade Patchwork Yarn - Hand Spun

Purple Heather Merino Patchwork Yarn - Hand Spun

Cotton Sample - Teaching Alissa to Spin on a Tahlki

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