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Wedding preparation madness

We've got less than 6 months left to the big day now, and a lot of very interesting developments have occurred since we've been engaged.

Mark's job here in Vegas ended up laying him off, (boo.) which in the long run has allowed us an opportunity to move back to California. (Yay!) He leaves this weekend for San Jose, where we found a really cute 2 bedroom 2 bath, and starts his job on Monday. In 2 weeks he returns here to pick up myself and the fuzzballs, and head back out. I'll be back and forth between here, Texas, and California for the next three months, working, teaching classes and working shows for Matrix, and trying to get everything moved and cleaned before June 15th. I have no doubt that it won't be a problem, but between all that I still have all sorts of wedding crafts and such to do.

We've decided to keep our wedding as green as possible, which I'll get into in deeper detail, but am saving for a later date's blog. We've also decided to do the majority of the labor and preparation work ourselves (read: usually myself, sometimes including Mark and/or my mom), which is saving us all sorts of money.

Our families will be coming together to prepare our food the few days before the wedding, Mark and I have been making all of our flower decorations out of paper (including my bouquet and the corsages and boutonnieres), my dad is providing a PA system and I'm supplying the music from various jazz and swing artists from my cd collection, as well as some 70's music and songs with sentimental touches to them. I've even decided to make my own dress, and I'm hoping to fit in a little shrug to wear over my shoulders when it cools down a little in the evening. I have the yarn, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of time where I'm either in transit or just kinda hanging out within the next few months.

Once we get our new camera, (and man is that thing sweet!) I'm going to start taking really nice pictures of all the work I'm doing for our wedding. I'll post all but the dress! Those will have to wait until after the wedding, folks, sorry! It will be worth the wait, though. I have my fabric, and now I'm waiting for my beads, and for Mark to leave so I can work on it without him seeing any of the progress.

Now that we've established all the necessary elements and decided on all the details, I really have to start pulling everything together. It's definitely going to be an interesting couple of months.


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