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Pouring Tealights

Pouring Tealights -


Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

More wedding crafts!!

Since we decided to move our wedding to the evening, I realized that no evening wedding is complete without a bunch of little twinkly tealights!

I had about 3 pounds of soy wax and a little under a pound of beeswax, so I did four colors: a beautiful light sage, a rich coppery peach (which cools lighter than the ones in the photo, which had just been poured), a soft cool tan, and i left the beeswax their natural color, which was a lovely off-white.

There's a little under 100 overall, and i bet we use most of them!! At least half, if not. I have been collecting these great used glass tealight holders for the table tops for months now, and I'm pretty sure i've got the effect I'm going for now! Yay!


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