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The "Things I Should Make" List

I find that if I forget to write down an idea for a craft project, or if i forget to keep track of which ones I need to do, I tend to put them away and forget, or completely forget about them all together. That's the problem with enjoying several kinds of crafts, instead of just focusing on one type. However, this little list is here to help me start keeping myself more accountable. I'll post all my final projects on Craft Chic when they're ready to come off the Work In Progress list.

Special Requests:

Email me if you are interested in a special order! Friends of mine, consider making a Wish List on this site. You all know I like making presents.

Ideas for projects:

Stuffed animals (sewn, crochetted, or knit)

Felted flowers and bands for hair accessories

Baby booties

Skirts and pants for me

Stash buster purses

Projects for which I have supplies but not yet started:

Thank you cards for bridal shower and wedding

Transform wedding cards into ATC's

Works in progress:

Blue halter dress

Refinish Dining Table

Diaper Covers

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