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Spring Cleaning and Balcony Garden Setup 2009

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Oh yum, look at those leaves. And all that wet, swampy soil from last season. I really need to get better at taking care of my balcony in the off season.

Meanwhile, it's spring again and it's time to get planting! Time to get this mess cleaned up, too.

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Well, this is a pretty good start! I spent the morning cleaning off the damp leafy mess, breaking a bag of leaves and stinky dirt all over myself and my balcony, and then went to the big orange playground and bought myself some goodies to spruce up my balcony for the season.

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The brightly colored pots are high density resin, which I'm trying as my last resort before I move to all ceramic pottery. The only thing that concerns me with ceramic pottery (aside from the slightly steep initial investment) is that I am indeed gardening on a second story balcony, and I have a good amount of pottery on the ground. How much weight will my That 70's Balcony actually withhold before causing problems?

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I also bought myself 2 more window box set ups, for a total of 6 now. I love that they're expandable, because I have several small aluminum trays that I have housed in most of the holders.

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I got all the planters set up with organic potting soil, heirloom seeds from Victory Seeds (see my list here) and simple tongue-depressor tags marked with permanent marker.

I'm looking forward to the next 5 to 10 days when things start to germinate. I'll update as soon as there are sprouts!

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