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Pretty project for new apartment

Pretty project for new apartment - I've been at the new apartment since Sunday, and though I'm so excited to be here and that i've already gotten to see a few of my friends, there's precious little to do while i'm hanging out in my furniture-less rooms. Luckily, I'm always smart enough to bring a few fun projects with me, since I know I have a minor problem with the ability to sit in one place with nothing to do for an extended amount of time.

I've started one of my projects for the apartment that I'm really excited about, for some reason. I picked up 6 4x6" canvas boards last week, and a selection of acrylic paints in varying greens, beiges, and brown. I also picked up a texturizing medium for acrylics, which is essentially a clear paint with fine grit in it, which I'm totally loving.

Now here's the part I'm strangely excited about. I picked up two laser cut stencils with rather intricate repeating patterns, as well as some plaster. Now i'm not sure how well this is actually going to work, because i've never tried it before, but I'm going to mix paint with plaster, apply it to the stencils, and then depending on how distorted the colors are by the addition of plaster, paint over the raised design tops with the colors they are supposed to be representing.

I've got 2 stencils, which means 3 boards per stencil. I'm going to do the entire stencil on one, tape off one element in the other, and tape the other element off in the third. Then I'll tape the stencil to the board, and swipe my thick textured paint across the stencil with a credit card or the like, with the hopes of having marks and variation across the top of the stencils.

I've already mottled the backgrounds of the canvases, now all I need is some painter's tape and we're all set. Since I have plenty of tape at home, as well as the gel medium I'm going to use to seal it, I'm going to finish this project next week after I get back from my short trip back to the house in Vegas.

Oh, by then we should have our new camera, as well. So hey, I'll actually get to show off this and many other finished projects again! How I've missed having a good camera.


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