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Hair Modeling - December 2006 - Empire Ballroom

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I worked with a group of ladies out in Las Vegas that were doing a photo shoot at the Empire Ballroom. We were there during a Christmas dance performance rehearsal, so we really did have use of pretty much the whole place. Unfortunately, even though I know there were a lot more photos from the day, the only ones the photographer gave me are these. Oh well.

The dress was made by a friend of the photographer as a final project for a Fashion Design major. We made use of the 20's feel of the place and the classic starlet look of the dress by going with roller set hair and smoky makeup.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This is a beautiful shot from the hallway. It was lined with full length, gold-leaf framed mirrors and had a glamorous, yet slightly eerie feel to the place. The lighting was a little different too, so the dress took on a very smoky look.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

The walls at the Empire Ballroom are all very rich, very strong tones. This red wall was just outside the restrooms, and was very bright and full of contrast with our look.

In this shot you can see the details of the fingerwave style. The hair was wet set on rollers with a lot of setting lotion, and the curls were just barely broken up before being pinned back loosely to the crown of the head.

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After shooting at the ballroom, we decided to go back to the school studio and change the look of the photos slightly.

I brushed out our heavily-curled style, worked the finger wave ridges back into place, and secured the hair in a low side chignon, and placed a peacock feather for decoration.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

All in all, the shoot turned out rather pretty. Our model really captured the 20's feel.

This is my favorite photo from the whole day. It's similar to the first shot I posted, but a slightly different angle. I think she nailed the look on this one.

I had fun running around in a closed club, feeling like I got to take a step back in time. I love days like this!

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