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Beer tasting #14

image922617674.jpgOk, ok, I messed up. Lucky 13 should have been #13, but I wasn't on top of things. However, I love this beer. Right down the middle in intensity, robustness, and bitterness. A little floral and sweet. Nice and crisp.

Beer tasting #13

image900129908.jpgHoppy, floral, fresh. a great stand-by. Cool, crisp.

Beer Tasting #12

image882163225.jpgSweet, floral, slightly more rich than the same brand's lighter version, which I posted earlier. Yum.

Beer tasting #10 & #11

image861188089.jpgRussian Imperial Stouts. rich, sweet, smooth. Very similar. Very good.

Beer Tasting #9

I think this is my favorite Belgian Ale so far. Lightly hoppy and delicious.

Beer tasting #8

image802094677.jpgHoppy, tasty, like it. flavorful but not entirely too robust.

Beer tasting #7

image790144900.jpgSweet, light, honey. lightly floral, crisp.

Beer tasting #6

image778833789.jpgFloral, light, tasty. Got the end of the bottle but still like it.

Beer Tasting #5

image769505904.jpgSweet, crisp, vinegar fragrance and flavor overtone. No sir, I don't like it.

Beer tasting #4

image761203246.jpgRich, sweet, licorice and molasses overtones. Personally, not a fan.

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