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Ribbon belt for Mom

Ribbon belt for Mom - My mom found this really pretty light peach colored dress to wear to my wedding, and after looking for a belt to wear with it for a while and finding nothing but heavy looking leather belts and 60 dollar wastes of money, I volunteered to make her a belt. I think it looks perfect!! It's got some shine and some glitz, and makes the thing look pretty nifty.

How very convenient that I had a peach shirt on to model with it, huh? All in all, I love it, and today I must find the same yarn in different colors for one for myself. Mmm, yarn :X
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Pretty project for new apartment

Pretty project for new apartment - I've been at the new apartment since Sunday, and though I'm so excited to be here and that i've already gotten to see a few of my friends, there's precious little to do while i'm hanging out in my furniture-less rooms. Luckily, I'm always smart enough to bring a few fun projects with me, since I know I have a minor problem with the ability to sit in one place with nothing to do for an extended amount of time.

I've started one of my projects for the apartment that I'm really excited about, for some reason. I picked up 6 4x6" canvas boards last week, and a selection of acrylic paints in varying greens, beiges, and brown. I also picked up a texturizing medium for acrylics, which is essentially a clear paint with fine grit in it, which I'm totally loving.

Now here's the part I'm strangely excited about. I picked up two laser cut stencils with rather intricate repeating patterns, as well as some plaster. Now i'm not sure how well this is actually going to work, because i've never tried it before, but I'm going to mix paint with plaster, apply it to the stencils, and then depending on how distorted the colors are by the addition of plaster, paint over the raised design tops with the colors they are supposed to be representing.

The "Things I Should Make" List

I find that if I forget to write down an idea for a craft project, or if i forget to keep track of which ones I need to do, I tend to put them away and forget, or completely forget about them all together. That's the problem with enjoying several kinds of crafts, instead of just focusing on one type. However, this little list is here to help me start keeping myself more accountable. I'll post all my final projects on Craft Chic when they're ready to come off the Work In Progress list.

Special Requests:

Email me if you are interested in a special order! Friends of mine, consider making a Wish List on this site. You all know I like making presents.

Ideas for projects:

Stuffed animals (sewn, crochetted, or knit)

Felted flowers and bands for hair accessories

Baby booties

Skirts and pants for me

Stash buster purses

Projects for which I have supplies but not yet started:

Thank you cards for bridal shower and wedding

Transform wedding cards into ATC's

Works in progress:

Blue halter dress

Wedding preparation madness

We've got less than 6 months left to the big day now, and a lot of very interesting developments have occurred since we've been engaged.

Mark's job here in Vegas ended up laying him off, (boo.) which in the long run has allowed us an opportunity to move back to California. (Yay!) He leaves this weekend for San Jose, where we found a really cute 2 bedroom 2 bath, and starts his job on Monday. In 2 weeks he returns here to pick up myself and the fuzzballs, and head back out. I'll be back and forth between here, Texas, and California for the next three months, working, teaching classes and working shows for Matrix, and trying to get everything moved and cleaned before June 15th. I have no doubt that it won't be a problem, but between all that I still have all sorts of wedding crafts and such to do.

We've decided to keep our wedding as green as possible, which I'll get into in deeper detail, but am saving for a later date's blog. We've also decided to do the majority of the labor and preparation work ourselves (read: usually myself, sometimes including Mark and/or my mom), which is saving us all sorts of money.

Our families will be coming together to prepare our food the few days before the wedding, Mark and I have been making all of our flower decorations out of paper (including my bouquet and the corsages and boutonnieres), my dad is providing a PA system and I'm supplying the music from various jazz and swing artists from my cd collection, as well as some 70's music and songs with sentimental touches to them. I've even decided to make my own dress, and I'm hoping to fit in a little shrug to wear over my shoulders when it cools down a little in the evening. I have the yarn, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of time where I'm either in transit or just kinda hanging out within the next few months.

We're Engaged!

Mark and I are engaged! He asked me while we were on vacation in Maui, isn't that cool? Anyway, we don't have a date quite yet, but we're hoping to figure out our time line very soon!


Meanwhile, we've got our registry started and i'm already working on decorations. Want updated information on our engagement? Check out

Ahhh, how I've missed the ocean.

Had a couple of classes to teach in the San Diego area last Monday, so I went out on Sunday morning and managed to catch some time at the ocean. It was a bit cloudy, but I still managed to stay out long enough that I got a nasty sunburn. As a matter of fact, I'm still peeling. However, Mission Beach was beautiful, and I still think that it was worth my three hours there!

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