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The Fabric Ordeal

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It isn't pretty. It's actually kinda gross. And when you're working out of a small office that the two of you share, it becomes a disaster area. Kind of frightening and pretty dangerous.

This is what my floor looked like before I decided to put in a system. A plan is what i needed, for sure. Originally, all my fabric was folded semi-neatly and stuffed into a big plastic tub. That was all well and good until I needed to look for something. Then everything that was nice and neat was dug through, and nothing was so neat anymore.

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Here was my original solution to the rubber bin situation. Granted, the concept was a good one and the fabric was more organized with this method than before. However, even though this was a prettier solution since I could color-coordinate my fabrics, it had two downfalls.

First, hanging shelves go in the closet. Great if your hall closet isn't stacked waist-high like mine is right now. (Hey, moving from a 3 bedroom house with a garage to a 2 bedroom apartment ain't easy!)
Secondly, as you can see, this just becomes a more evolved version of the fold-and-stuff method, in the long run. Not exactly what I'm going for.

This is when I decided to just change it!

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So when I decided to change my fabric storage, I started eyeballing the shelves I had in the office. Now, I'm no neat freak by any means, but these things had just become a big fat mess and I didn't like it anymore. It was time to start over.

I began by cleaning off the top two shelves on either side, and slowly breaking down all the supplies into less bins. Any loose supplies were either put away or found a permanent home elsewhere.

I also purchased more individual bead organizers and got my huuuge mess of bead goodies sorted and organized. (Man, that project made me feel a little OCD)

Then, I purchased a box of chipboard comic book boards online, and patiently awaited a chance to start wrapping.

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I found this method so exciting when I first saw it here:

Fabric Wrapped Around Boards

I saw several people have lots of success with it on, so I decided to give it a try myself. Here's a small pile of the starting fabrics I wrapped.

Basically, this method uses comic book boards, usually made of chipboard, as a sturdy form to wrap fabric yardages around. A fat quarter neatly wraps around, and I have up to around 4 yards wrapped nice and smooth.

I fold my fabric first, to ensure a large enough piece to wrap around the board a few times, but small enough to manage and control neatly.

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So here it is. The left side of the new wrapped fabric storage.

I really enjoy that I can see every piece of fabric I have. It makes me aware of what I have in my stash, so I'm less likely to just buy fabric at random and end up with something verrry similar to what I may already be storing.

Also, looking at all these great fabrics inspires me to actually want to do more sewing, which both gives me a reason to use up fabric, and also allows me to buy new fabric every so often and not have it end up in a pile or stuffed into a shelf as storage.

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So isn't it nice to make a difference in your own life by putting some organization into it all? Using craft supplies as decor makes a lot of sense to me. If I'm looking at it all the time, I'm much more likely to decide to use it more often.

I love crafting, but I also have this problem with hoarding supplies. Fabric is my greatest downfall in this department. Heck, I just spent $50 on a big box of jersey knits, AFTER I organized all this stuff. But what can I say, a deal of 3 dollars or less a yard is hard to pass up sometimes!

Well, at least when it shows up I know exactly where I'll be putting it!

Jen's Lingerie Party Nightie - Bridal Gift

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Well, my sister in law is getting married. Go Jen go :)

She had a bridal shower and lingerie party a few weeks ago, but I never got pictures of the aprons I made for her bridal shower, and I didn't make it to the lingerie party. But I DID make her something.

This is more of a mini dress than anything. It scoops in at the bottom with the band, creating great definition on the butt. The top, as you can see, has a lace insert with a ruffled edge around it. If she's wearing this with nothing underneath, you can see some nip through the lace. But a cami underneath and she'll be able to wear it out too if she likes.

I also bought her an adorable set of thigh highs to go with this from my salon. Right now we're carrying some Trixie-Licious stockings, and she got the cute pair with the bows and cameos. I let her pick her favorite :)

I hope she loves it. :)

MAE Photo Shoot

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So my audition is on Monday, and this was taken during the shoot. I'll be uploading the photos later on into the Hair and Fashion section, but for now here's a little preview!

Valentine's Day Tri Tip Dinner, 2008

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Mmm, slow cooked tri-tip roast, red baby potatoes with beef gravy, and lime green beans. A nice and spicy J Lohr syrah. Candles, and a Dream Theater concert on video.

Sounds like a nice romantic meal to me :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lucky Bamboo Valentine

Lucky Bamboo Valentine
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Here's the lovely Lucky Bamboo Mark brought me home for Valentine's Day. Isn't it pretty?

We had some from a while ago, but when we moved to Las Vegas my mom adopted it and decided she was keeping it for good. Not a worry, she managed to keep it alive all this time so it's ok!

The beautiful red doily under it was a bridal shower gift from my mom's friend Brenda. They went to school together, and we used to be neighbors when I was little. The parasol is from my wedding, I intended to take some photos with it but never got to it. Oh well, it fits in well here, and I'll have it to use in other shoots.

All in all, we had a pretty nice night after I was done being a lame girl. Valentine's day is weird for me because it's also the anniversary of when I graduated beauty school. This year was five years! I think I expected to see myself further along in my career by now, but we've done so much moving around. Mark put it best when he said I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and stay where I am. It's a challenge to grow a business, but I'm sure making an effort!

In Salon, then teaching a class, then back in salon

Today is a busy day! I just got back from the salon about an hour ago (and I smell like relaxer, bleah) and am about to grab some lunch.

In about two hours I have a Blonding class to teach at a salon in Santa Clara for the afternoon. We're going to be doing some mock highlighting, and doing a real toner on a mannequin that I highlighted yesterday in preparation. It'll be a pretty simple class, but I'm a little nervous because my boss is supposed to come by at some point along the process. It'll be fine, but it's always a little harder to present in front of people that actually know what you're supposed to be saying, instead of people that are just learning the information fresh for the first time. I'm sure I'll be fine though, and I'm in need of some feedback before my audition anyway. I'm really just hoping she isn't around during my product knowledge section, but if she is, that's ok too.

Then, after my class this evening, I get to head back to the salon at 6:45. I have a new client coming in for a highlight and an eyebrow wax. Let's just hope I'm not burned out by then, and I'm glad I have at least a little break in between. I definitely am glad to have a new client. :)

Granny Smith Beanie and Wrist Warmer Set

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I wear a lot of black, I really do. And I bet you do too. How do we bring a little splash of color into our lives in these dark, chilly days? Accessories, I tell you, accessories.

This Granny Smith green beanie and wrist warmer set are made of super soft and comfy cotton and modal mix. A bit of a sheen makes this set fancy, but still warm and cozy!

Check it out in the store :)

Papaya Salsa

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Yay, more salsa! This one is a little different, with a little bit of a sweetness to it.


6-8 medium sized tomatoes, diced
1 papaya, seeded, peeled, and cubed
1/2 medium yellow onion, coarsely chopped
3 green onions, chopped
1 cup cilantro, stems removed
2 Serrano peppers, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 lime, zested and juiced
1/2 cup golden brown sugar
salt to taste

Process everything in a food processor until most of the papaya and tomato is broken down, or until as fine as you like. Combine ingredients in a larger bowl if you're like me and have a small food processor.

Remember that pork roast? Pork Burrito

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Well, here's what I did with the left-overs:

I turned the brown rice into Spanish-style rice by adding a can of diced tomatoes, a quarter cup of chili powder, and salt and pepper. I let that simmer in a saute pan until the liquid had all been absorbed.

I cubed the left over pork roast, added a quarter cup of chili powder, 1/2 tablespoon powdered cayenne pepper, a few healthy shakes of crushed red pepper flakes, seasoned salt, and a half cup of water. I cooked this over medium heat until the meat was warmed up and the water had mostly evaporated, leaving a little for the chili sauce.

Then I steamed a tortilla (i sandwich them between two damp paper towels and microwave it for a minute) and built my burrito with colby jack cheese, the spanish rice, pork, some black beans, my papaya salsa, and a dab of sour cream. Ok, mine had two dabs. What can I say, I like sour cream.

Mmm, see? Left overs are yummy!

Pork Roast, Brown Rice, and Steamed Zucchini

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None of this meal was cooked on my stove. Rather, the pork roast was in the slow cooker from about 4pm to 8:30pm when we ate. Mark seasoned it with seasoned salt, garlic powder, fresh ground pepper, and red pepper flakes. Then we pretty much left it alone until we ate. I sliced it against the grain and arranged in the serving bowl.

The rest of the meal was cooked in my rice cooker/steamer. I cooked the brown rice first, then transferred it to the bowl and covered it loosely with a clean towel in order to keep the warmth. After that I added more water to the rice cooker, then sliced 3 zucchini directly into the steamer basket. I like this method because cooking rice creates a bit of a rice film on the bottom of the cooker, and heating the water to steam the vegetables softens this film. This makes it much easier to clean.

After moving the zucchini to its dish, I seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic powder and butter. We each had a nice cold Fat Tire with dinner. It was great!

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