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Water on the nose! - Diz the messy kitty

Water on the nose!
Originally uploaded by nerdymark

She just can't help herself. She gets it everywhere, and it often resides right on her face.

Kesa's big kitty yawn

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Yes, yawn fuzz fuzz, go right ahead. It's pretty cute.


Originally uploaded by nerdymark

From our honeymoon, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

In awe of the falls

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

I love it at the Middle falls, just outside of McCloud, CA. It's just over a mile hike to and from the lower falls, but worth the entire hike. So pretty.

Mark caught me staring into the peaceful falling waters. It was a rather hazy day, but the photos turned out pretty nice.

Luuurve <3

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Man, we may be a pale couple, but there's something so nice about seeing my husband Mark traipsing around in nature with his camera. I stole it from him for a second to get this very handsome picture of him.

He wants your chip. - woodsy chipmunk buddy

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

If you give it to him, he might not steal your fishing tackle.

If not, he might just shred your pants, too.

These guys run around in the woods near Mt. Shasta, CA. Here we're at the lower falls outside of McCloud.

Beachy birthday cake

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

My mom's friend Brenda made this cake for my birthday. It was a white cake with an excellent lemon filling, and she decorated it as well. I sure thought it was cute, and made me wish I was spending my time less inland! It's time for a beach day, and soon.

Tiiiiny Yellow Snapdragons

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

How. Cute.

These itty bitty snap dragons are about as large as my pinky nail, and grow in abundance in the one green spot in front of the ditch at my parents' place. No water comes through this ditch, so I'm not even sure why we have a green spot. However, it sure gets pretty this time of year.

Pretty dried weed

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

I really like this photo of a dried plant out in my parents' ditch at the back of our property. The ladder and fence in the background give me images of laying back in the ditch during the summer, watching birds and trees in the distance, occasionally chewing on the green version of this plant's papery blooms. I think next time I make it up there I'll collect some for use in paper making. So sheer, so delicate. They catch the light like a chinese paper lantern, and I think it's a beautiful early summer site.

Itching to make clothing

Today I really feel like all I want to do is make clothing. Really.

I have these images in my head of cute little t shirts and fun skirts, but unfortunately for me and my little seamstress needs, I have to work in the salon for a while today. It's not for very long, 4 hours or so, but long enough of a chunk that I could have spent otherwise sewing.

I need to work my way through some of the fabric I've already purchased or acquired soon, since I keep seeing new fabrics places, and really have to work hard to not just collect fabric yardage. What good is fabric (other than making my office look pretty) if it doesn't become the item it longs to be?

I have a swap item or two that I need to complete as well, so maybe that will be my starting point after work today. Heck, maybe I'll get in a little time this morning for cutting some pieces out.

I'm looking forward to my day, I am. I just need to get moving and start living it!

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