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Threadless XXL Tee to Mini Tube Dress T Shirt Reconstruct

Here's the tee I bought from Threadless to reconstruct. It's an XXL version of "Frida's Garden" by Dale Sattler. This is after removing the sleeves and the top shoulder seam

I'm using a BurdaStyle pattern as a base for my fitted tube dress, folding down the top of the pattern to the underarm line. I used a curved pattern ruler to grade my pattern down to the bottom of the tee hem to extend the length.

I added embellishing stitching lines to the design on the front, and also set the design off center. The top has a band of medium grey jersey knit to help hold the dress up, and the bottom has a dark grey jersey knit band for added interest (not seen in this photo).

The back has been fitted with a few pieces of elastic to improve the fit. The back half of the grey band has elastic to help hold the dress up and in place, and the base of the lower back has a piece of elastic that gathers slightly, helping to prevent too much slack. The bottom back of the hem is also slightly gathered along the jersey knit band, giving a hint of a ruffled effect, as well as shaping under the booty.

A detail shot of the stitching embellishment and original design.

Stuffed Mushrooms and Spring Strawberry Salad

These Cremini mushrooms are stuffed with brown rice, shredded zucchini, grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, and Worcestershire's sauce. They were topped with more grated Parmesan and baked until cheese turned golden.

The Spring Strawberry salad is organic spring mix, sliced strawberries, and homemade honeydew balsamic vinaigrette. The balsamic vinaigrette is made in the food processor. Blend together cubed honeydew melon and 1 tablespoon each basil and thyme, coarsely chopped. Add 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon dried mustard powder, 1 teaspoon salt, and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil into the machine as the processor is running, watching for dressing to take on a thicker, more opaque consistency. Be careful not to over-oil the dressing or it will separate.

Pour dressing over fresh salad ingredients and enjoy!

Red Dress from Vintage 1940's Pattern

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This dress rules. I should make more, I really should.

I originally made this dress to wear for my friend Gina's wedding (not pictured) since her only requirement was the specific shade of red of the dress. It went over very well, and I actually have had a lot of use for it since.

This photo came from an incredible photo shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of, in more ways than one! I not only did the hair for the Viva! Las Vegas wedding shoot, but I got to play a bridesmaid (and a rather sassy one) for the photos. Look how great the skirt of the dress hangs. They just don't make dresses like that anymore.

Black and Grey Striped Long Sleeved Tee

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

I loved the fabric that my friend Rachel gave me. She gave me a bunch of great jersey knits, and this was one of the coolest that was in the group. I matched stripes for the first time, and though it was just a little more time consuming, it really turned out nice! This one I kept for myself. :)

Grey Heart Cardigan

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This cute little cardigan was inspired by the cool buttons I found! I love the applique hearts on the pockets, and the dark grey stripes at the elbow. Cute cute! It was sold through my store at

Zebra and Hot Pink Sleeveless Hoodie

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Made and sold this hooded tank through my store at I love this style, I need to make some more!

Black and Red Dress, Wristlet, and Necklace

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

I made this dress a few years ago to wear to a huuuuge party thrown by my company, Matrix, that hosted around 5000 hairstylist and some of our group's significant others. Look, matching Mark, too! How sweet is he?

I made the dress a bit snug in the bust by accident, but I survived and it didn't make anything look squished funny, so it was ok. I also made a sash belt that matched the peek a boo red underskirt layer on the dress. The underskirt has a ruffle edge that I'm not exactly even sure how I did, since this was before my days of owning a serger. The sash has black machine embroidery, which gave it a nice touch.

I also made the red and black necklace, made with some great funky glass beads. The big red glass pendant was awesome. I actually wore this necklace until it broke, and just recently put the pendant on a new piece to live again.

The wristlet has a snap triangle flap and a fabric and button flower embellishment. The loop was the perfect length for letting the purse barely dangle but still be in the comfortable reach of my hand.

All in all, this outfit was a pretty good one. :)

What a brat! - Kesa being a sneaky kitty

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

What's wrong with this picture? Well, she has to get up on top of that mattress set somehow, and that somehow involves sharp little claws. Sneaky kitty loves high places.

My cat the creative genius

My cat the creative genius
Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Click on the photo to see the funny comment my husband left with this photo's inspiration, we'd like to think.

Diz is amazingly clever, don't you know.

Creepy Lady - Black Widow and Web

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Eek. These are common on my parents' ranch.

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