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How to set up your wire jewelry making area

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It's important to set up your working area cleanly and as organized as possible. Have plenty of working space for your supplies, and arrange your tools within easy reach. If your workspace is not brightly lit, or if you are working at night, have a work lamp lighting your area.

Use a removable working surface, such as this double sided microfleece pad. This allows you to clip wire cuttings onto one surface, then easily whisk them away when you are done working and over to the trash can.

Keep at least one sorting dish. This will help you to have an ease in selecting beads, and helps keep your work area neater. I use a stainless steel ramekin.

When storing beads, choose containers that open and close individually within the sections. Often, you can also find a locking mechanism on these containers, and I highly recommend taking advantage of this feature. Keep like beads in the individual sections of the attached containers in order to make finding a specific element easy. I keep all my silver plated findings in one, all my gold plated findings in another,and my faceted glass, my seed beads, and all my gemstones in others. When laying these containers out, I keep them in piles of metal findings, glass, and gemstones.

Keep a few tiny baggies for storing projects in process or bead overflow. Store everything in one area, and put it back as soon as you're done working. This is a safety feature, as well as a way to not make a mess or lose beads!

Why am I so excited? New Portishead Album!!

I'm listening to it on Last.Fm right now and I'm very glad that they finally put something new out. It's kinda strange, but that's why I like them so much.

The album is called Third. Check it out.

Portishead - "Third" on

I'm stoked my husband found this for me. <3

Little Frank loves Crochet! - Caique Parrot

He's diggin my hat! Someday I will make Frank a little blanket to play in, he loved the whole netted concept!

Oh little parrot, why are you so darn cuuuute?

I mean look at him, he's just so proud to be a parrot! Little fluffy face <3

Tunic Top from 1970s Vintage Pattern

Here's Diz, helping me craft again. Today, she's inspecting a 1970s pattern for the pieces to a tunic top. All clear, she says, so we're going to get working!

I really like collecting patterns. I get very excited to make a vintage pattern as well, because I love classic styles with a modern touch.

With this tunic, I'm going to go with a nice light green jersey knit. That will make it comfortable and lightweight, and allow it to hang nicely.

70s Tunic Top
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Kesa decided to help me model this one! We like how it turned out, cute and comfy but still stylish.

I added princess-style darts along the front of the garment to pull it in around my um, ample bust. This allows me to still have some shape in the garment and not have it look so, well, pajama mama. It's very cute though!

I'm excited, I'm going to wear this out tonight to the horse races!

70s Tunic Top
Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

One last photo for good measure. This one shows the edging on the slits a little better, as well as the sleeve.

I have to say, I really am starting to get better with my bias edgings. I also like incorporating the double needle more often, as I have been lately. Fun!

Smother the boy! - Dizzy, Kesa, and Mark

Smother the boy!
Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Diz and Kes just can't get enough of their boy! They love Mark!

Stretchy Fuzz! - Diz Kitty Stretch

Stretchy Fuzz!
Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Oh Dizzy, I love you so.

Executive Kitties - Dizzy and Kesa

Executive Kitties
Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

All suited up for the Bored *yawn* Meeting.

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