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December 1st - New pendants!

Alchemy Grand Re-Opening Party, Jewelry Display for HomeGrown Fashion

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My manager was cool enough to let me have a jewelry display at our grand re-opening party for my salon, where I was able to sell without her even taking a commission. Cool, thanks!!

It turned out pretty nice, I was rather pleased.

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Here's the rest of the display, with the majority of the necklaces and bracelets. It was a good night! I made some sales, had some wine, and had a good time.

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I also had an opportunity to run upstairs for a few minutes to get a henna tattoo applied. The girl was great! I told her I wanted a floral paisley, and she busted this out in 5 minutes or less. It lasted about 3 weeks before it wore off completely, too.Yay!

Wreck This Journal - Leave this page BLANK on purpose

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Blank? But it's not blank!

Here, I'll help.

Aaaaand, Cheddar's passed out. Zonked kitten!

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He freaking loved that Crown Royal bag, I'm telling you.

Using Mark as the Ol' Cat Bridge

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Toll? Kisses!

You must pay your toll before you may pass.

Orange Helper Craft Cats help me Wreck This Journal

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Here mom, we'll help you draw!!

Dizzy is sniffing the pencils, Cheddar is chewing on the white one in my hand.

Part of the Wreck This Journal book project.

He thinks I'm cute :)

He thinks I'm cute :)
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Mark lurves his wife! Awwwwww. He's pretty cute too.

San Mateo, McGovern's. Drinks with Jeff and Elle.

Placing Suzanne's Veil - Dave & Zan Guzzetta Wedding

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I just loved this photo. Turned out so pretty!

Isn't Zan an elegant bride? We went with a classic tiara upstyle with an added piece for stability and length... her hair is actually chin length!

I had an excellent time at this wedding, too. Those two threw an excellent party! Thanks again :)

Specialty Hair Styling - Nicole Ervin Wedding

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Nicole was such a beautiful bride! She made her veil piece and we went with a soft and romantic low chignon of loose spiral curls. We added an accent of a white fabric rose, which suited her beautiful dress perfectly.

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Here you can see the soft texture of the back of the updo as I place the flower in her hair.

So pretty! I hope it was a perfect day! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and their location was beautiful, a winery in Sonoma.

Cheddar the Kitten Sleeping in his Crown Royal bag on me, also asleep.

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Cute is exhausting. Here's my little tiny buddy Cheddar when we first brought him home, a couple days after we first got him in September. He's soft, he's fluffy, and he's snuggly. Wouldn't you be sleepy too?

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