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An Empty Glass - Writing prompt 12/20/2008

Writing prompt #27

The air is thick and heavy with dampness.
Evidence is shown by wide paths of clear glass
amidst the foggy layer of condensation,
as another droplet succumbs to gravity
and makes its way to join the others
in a ring-shaped puddle on the table.

Once there was content.
Once, the clear-pink-and-ice offer
of temporary contentment, with a twist of lime.
Now, the contents all drank up, nothing left
but a hint of a glossy rose red kiss at the edge,
and the fog that reminds the difference between
the ice on the tongue and the heat in the room.

Once, the precursor to sweaty conversation
in too-loud a location, too close to breathe.
Too close to step away.
Once, sweet on the lips with a bit of that bite,
the bite that lets you know something else,
something different, is on its way.


Now, just an empty glass.

December 1st - New pendants!

He thinks I'm cute :)

He thinks I'm cute :)
Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Mark lurves his wife! Awwwwww. He's pretty cute too.

San Mateo, McGovern's. Drinks with Jeff and Elle.

Adventures in LED Hula Hooping

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

My friend Rachel recently took a hula hooping class in Berkley or Oakland or something, where she learned a lot of hula hoop dance techniques, fun tricks, and eventually did a routine where she set her hoop on FIRE! Rachel kicks ass, yo.

Anyway, we were out seeing her boyfriend Carl's band Level 12 play at a jet ski competition out near Angel's Camp. She brought her (and quite possibly my) new favorite toy, the light up LED hula hoop.

Mark had his camera at this show, so he had the opportunity to take some great shots, and I'm excited to show them to you now!

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Oops, dropped it!

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

This is the result of a .77 second exposure of standard waist hooping. The LEDs change color at an interval of a few seconds, and you can really see where the hoop goes most by the areas where the lighting gets brighter.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

A one second exposure of some basic handwork.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Another angle of pretty handwork.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

A 5/8 second exposure, this one just looks super trippy.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

The guys even had a shot with the hoop, this thing was really the hit of the party. We were on the shore of the reservoir, so there was plenty of room for people to move about safely.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

It got a little harder to keep a strapless bathing suit top up when I started getting more into it! Time for a tank top and some faster paced hooping.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Rachel showing us how it's really done!

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

It looks like she's made herself a ball gown from light trailers. The move she's doing is one of my favorite, and I actually learned how to do it a little last night!

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Did I mention that an hour of consistant hula hooping will burn around 600 calories?

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

More handwork, but at a very pretty angle. 1 second exposure.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Pop those hips, beezy! Heck yeah, this is my absolute favorite move right now, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Look at the angle at which she has the hoop spinning, it's pretty much 45 degrees. She leans back into the hoop, and hops while popping her hips forward. It takes quite a bit of coordination, but I'll get it eventually.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Putting her hands in and out of the rotating hoop through the openings while it spins.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Can I tell you how much I love this thing?

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

Figuring out the trick Rachel showed us earlier. You pass the hoop around behind you until there's a little momentum, then spin it around your palm as you lean out in front of yourself.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

The yarn ball of lights, if you will, is me successfully spinning the hoop in front of me for a few, then starting the rotation back around me. 2.3 second exposure.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

More dresses made of lights for Rachel.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

This is the trick I was trying to learn when I showed myself dropping it earlier. It makes an INCREDIBLE effect with the exposure set as long as it was; 6.7 seconds. Awesome picture, Mark, really.

So this move begins by rotating the hoop around your midsection, and placing your hand at the small of your back. The complicated part comes when you simultaneously put your free arm through an opening in the rotation and pull up on the hoop with the hand on your back. Then, to complete this move successfully, you rotate the hoop around your palm in a seamless transition.

Easy? No. Beautiful? Yes.

Originally uploaded by nerdymark

One more pretty one of some angled handwork.

What do you think? Looks pretty cool, right? Leave me a comment with your thoughts! Wanna try sometime?

Itching to make clothing

Today I really feel like all I want to do is make clothing. Really.

I have these images in my head of cute little t shirts and fun skirts, but unfortunately for me and my little seamstress needs, I have to work in the salon for a while today. It's not for very long, 4 hours or so, but long enough of a chunk that I could have spent otherwise sewing.

I need to work my way through some of the fabric I've already purchased or acquired soon, since I keep seeing new fabrics places, and really have to work hard to not just collect fabric yardage. What good is fabric (other than making my office look pretty) if it doesn't become the item it longs to be?

I have a swap item or two that I need to complete as well, so maybe that will be my starting point after work today. Heck, maybe I'll get in a little time this morning for cutting some pieces out.

I'm looking forward to my day, I am. I just need to get moving and start living it!

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